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Our life tells a story. I am still writing mine but here is a little more about me. I can’t wait to hear yours.

My name is Marco Haasbroek

I am a husband and entrepreneur but most of all a follower of Jesus.

I believe that God blessed me with the gift of encouragement and while I am living into my gifts, I want to encourage you to discover yours.


My aim is to live like Jesus did, I want to love and serve others while aligning my life with God’s will. I believe we do this by living into the practices of Jesus and His spiritual disciplines. God gave us our unique strengths and lead us to a specific place to flourish within His divine plan.


I live in Cape Town with my beautiful wife, Lizahn. We have known each other for a little more than a decade, and got married in the winter of 2018 after being engaged for a year. God must have been thinking of me when He made her as He knew exactly what I would need in a life partner. She is my best friend, my greatest supporter, and the love of my life.

If you don’t like where your life is heading, change direction.

In 2016 I took a leap of faith and started my entrepreneurial journey as a digital marketing consultant. This venture has since matured into a more established marketing agency with nine employees and a vision to do marketing differently.


We live this vision by focusing on what matters most: people. Not capitalism or the algorithms that support it. More on this later.


At the end of 2019 I was about one brief away from a burnout. I was in a constant state of hurry – deadlines, meetings, emails, phone calls, WhatsApps. No matter how hard I worked or which new “life-hack”, productivity tool or hustle technique I tried, I was going backwards fast.


When December rolled around, I thought maybe all I needed was a break. It wasn’t. The holiday bought me some time, but I was beyond tired, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I lived with an undercurrent of nonstop anxiety that rarely subsided. Wine helped, but only a little.


I was only partially present to the people closest to me and most of all it felt like I was numb to my own emotions and feelings. Empty and hurried, up from 5am to 11pm with little to show. While the business was growing, I was not. I was growing further apart from friends, family and myself.


Too busy to experience life and the precious God-given moments it is made of. I remember asking myself; “Is this what entrepreneurship is all about? Is this the life that so many famous entrepreneurs chase after and proclaim?”. I decided that if it was then I want out – why rush to a future that I don’t even want?


So, like many young adults I reached a point in my life where I asked the the hard questions of my life’s purpose and what living my “best life” looks like. To me there had to be more to life than just the “hustle” and “grind”. Always busy but not really contributing to anything of significance or value.

So, my journey to rediscover myself began.

Like any eager-to-learn-millennial, I started reading the relevant books, doing personality type tests, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, watching sermons and getting more involved in church. I did everything I could, hoping that once I get through the content or to-do list, I would miraculously be a new human being with purpose, direction and value. Seems legit, right?


Nope, it doesn’t work that way.


Although I learned a lot, I was just adding to my confusion and constant state of being stretched and overwhelmed. This information overload crippled me and even though I had the resources and the ability to apply them, it seemed out of place and forced. I also realised that you can’t simply consume all the information and expect your human “operating system” to automatically update and “save” it as your new and improved default version of self. These principles had to form part of your DNA.


In 2020 I continued on a journey of self-discovery trying to find the answers that my soul was yearning for;


Why am I feeling this way?


How do I run a business without sacrificing myself, my relationships, my family and my faith?


When will I be able to slow down, embrace life and experience deep rooted joy again?


Is it possible to enjoy your job and make a decent living?


Can you start a business and have fun doing it?

Don’t get me wrong I am not bashing entrepreneurship, I am entrepreneurial at heart – I just think that there is a lot more we should know about ourselves and about the kingdom before we embark on this mighty venture.


That is my aim with a Framework to flourish. To encourage, enable and guide Christian professionals and entrepreneurs to rediscover themselves and their strengths while using their God given talents, gifts and opportunities to align themselves with God’s will and help build the kingdom.


Whether you are a florist, graphic designer, barista, engineer, MBA student, accountant, stay at home mom, or an entrepreneur working on the next big idea – you were made on-purpose for a purpose.


It’s time to discover what that is.


We are human. We have a spirit and soul and the only way to truly live in our sweet spot and discover the best version of ourselves is to get to know ourselves and know God better. If you want to see true change in our lives, we have to grow into the fundamentals of our being with a like-minded community that share the desire to grow in faith, create opportunities and influence lives – together.


Perhaps you don’t feel like you can identify your own giftings, maybe you’re holding back when it comes to some of the talents within you simply because you are afraid of what the future will look like or what others might think. Or maybe someone has spoken poorly of you or downplayed your God-given gifts.


I see it as a huge responsibility to steward the gifts within people’s lives. Your gifts and talents are perfectly poised to enable you to fulfill the plans and purposes of God on your life.


It’s 2021, and in the midst of a pandemic and the most demanding and challenging time in business and in our personal lives, I haven’t felt more cool, calm and collected.


Want to know my secret?


 Let me tell you…

A Framework to Flourish was born out of my desire to create a life of meaning.

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